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Is your car stuck? Do you need to move your vehicle? Find out why we are one of Sydney's best towing companies with over 30 years industry experience.



Seeking professional Towing Services in Sydney
Unfortunately, as a vehicle owner, you never know when you may need the assistance of a Tow Truck in Sydney. This is the case for a number of reasons, including in the event of an accident that renders your vehicle undrivable, in an emergency, or a vehicle breakdown.

Roadside assistance all around the City
Rockdale Towing offers competitive Tow Truck Rates for the Sydney area. This means that if you do find yourself in need of our help, you can rest assure that your vehicle will be in good hands, and your pockets won’t be emptied.






You can count on Rockdale Towing for all of your towing needs in the Sydney Metropolitan area – from car towing and off-road recovery to picking up and removing old unregistered and unwanted cars – we do it all! Not only are our affordable, but they are also professional, as we ensure that your vehicle is treated with the utmost care whilst it is being towed by us.
At Rockdale Towing, we service our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with door to door service. Our team will pick up and deliver to any location that is accessible to them.
We have both Cradle and Tilt Tray tow trucks, which reach up to a 12 tonne capacity and support wide body vehicles.

Vehicle Towing Service

Interstate Towing

24-Hour Breakdown Service

Prestige Car Towing

Auction House Towing

Vehicle Recovery Towing


When it comes to off-road recovery, Byers Wrecker is always ready with the experience and equipment to handle the job. Perhaps you need a rotator to lift your 4×4 from a swampy area. Maybe you need airbags to lift your big rig out of a deep ravine. Byers Wrecker will get your vehicle upright and back on the road with skill and precision. Perhaps your RV or big rig requires a true heavy-duty tow vehicle with an extended wheelbase, or requires winches and cables or a maximum towing capacity wrecker. Byers can handle the job.

Google Reviews

Kim Mackney

Excellent service. Quick efficient service, quoted 10 minutes for tow to arrive exactly as stated. Driver caring & friendly, elevated a stressful situation. Thank you for your service

Gerry Rocket

Could not recommend them highly enough,very helpful and turned a highly stressful accident situation into a comfortable experience.
Thank you again guys

Ben Dasti

Very professional company. Yesterday, my car got a engine problem in the middle of traffic in kingsgrove around 2pm, i searched on google and i call them. After 25 min they picked up my car. Very efficient!